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Justin Singletary is truly the real definition of ” The Real Estate Goat” Within his real estate career he has developed so many top producing agents and has assisted a number of families in the Carolinas master the goal of homeownership. On his team website they reassure making the customers a priority while guiding them through the home buying process or investment opportunities. On the site you can find many useful tools to aid in buying or selling your home. His team's service is top notch and very professional that they make all comfortable within such an exciting/nervous process.

Justin is not only a realtor, but he is also an investor who shows other investors how to invest and build generational wealth. Justin has been recognized by city officials for his teams having such a strong Presence within the community with givebacks and helping people in the community with obtaining their GED’s. Justin is stopped and asked by many of realtor " How did you grow your team so fast? " So now Justin is now training agents to become top producing team leads. 

 Student Review

Reasons to build a real estate team – What is your WHY?

  • Leverage

  • Build

  • Money

  • Retirement

  • EGO (probably not the best reason to build a team, but fairly common!)

Why many real estate teams fail — E.G.O

  • Eliminating

  • Growth

  • Opportunities

WHO Makes a Great Team Leader?

  • Developer – see potential in others

  • Drawn to people

  • Growth in others – you want to help and encourage

Build your team
your way

Let’s explore team models that work and choose the right one for you.

Empower members
to be their best

Motivate your team to optimize their potential.​

 Decide on a Compensation Model

Figuring out how you’re going to pay the people on your team is part of your business plan, but it’s so important that it warrants being called out separately.

Decide on a Communication Strategy

One of the unexpected challenges of running a successful real estate team is getting everyone’s communication flowing.

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